Choosing Local Wedding Suppliers

First things first to consider about wedding suppliers:

Know what your priority is, be it food, photographer or venue, decide and plan ahead. Do your homework and lead with your head, not your heart. Do what’s best for the wedding as a whole. Find out what is included in their packages, check availability, read the small print and above all trust your instincts.

Do not be afraid to ask questions, however silly you feel they may be. If they matter to you, they’ll matter to them. Get to know them on a personal level, you will be spending a lot of time working alongside them to reach your perfect day, and it’s far easier if you feel you can approach them.

Keep a paper trail of all decisions or agreements made, sometimes things can get forgotten and it’s useful to have a reference and make sure the deposit is paid on time, and any future payments are to schedule.

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Now you know what to do; who to choose?

Choosing a supplier that is nearby and local to you or the venue is a great way to create an ease of access, for both parties involved. Finding a reputable supplier can be made simple with directories, such as Wise Bride, wedding magazines and fairs happening regularly. This is a great way to see the options available, but also a chance to see the varying price ranges, style and personality of each individual business. You want suppliers you trust, feel comfortable with and admire their work, so looking and asking around for reputations or recommendations is a good idea.

When dealing with a local wedding suppliers, meetings can be more regular and easier to attend, as well as arranging taster sessions, engagement shoots or sometimes you can even drop by and see what they are doing for/at other weddings. Your local supplier will most likely know, or have worked at the venue, so they will have had experience there and know the important details that you may not have considered – where are the power points, can you have confetti, the rules and regulations. Knowledge is power, and if that supplier has completed many weddings at your venue, they will have a huge understanding of what the venue offers and requires, as well as maybe having a bit more sway with the venue if you need something out of the ordinary.

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Wise Bride is a handy dandy wedding directory website for you to find wedding suppliers local to you, as well as provide some useful tools and information.

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