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So, the wedding is planned down to the second, you know who is where, and when; but when you’re in amongst the celebrations it is a complete whirlwind of excitement, joy and love. You need the perfect way to capture the essence of the whole day, so you can cherish those moments for years to come.

Wedding Photographer Dorset

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Where to begin?! Photography is a very skilled craft, and choosing the right photographer is like choosing the perfect dress. Every photographer is different in shooting style, creativity and vision. Research into what you like, and particular stills and frames that give an indication of style that suits you; be it wild and romantic shots out in the woods, fun and hilarious shots of the groomsmen at the bar – whatever it is that will capture you as a couple, and the whole wedding, needs careful consideration.

Wedding Photography Dorset

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A shoot to suit
Each couple has their own flair and ideas for how their big day should be seen and remembered, as these are your timeless memories. By researching and looking at a large variety of different photographers can give more ideas and trigger new ones. Things to be looking for are the shooting styles, lighting, backgrounds, poses and setting, so you can create a plan in your mind of the creative direction you would like your photos to go in. Do you like contemporary? Documentary? Fashion? Humour? Whatever the style that suits you, the photographer, and their portfolio, needs to reflect this, as you want optimise their skills. Look through portfolios, and even ask to see a full wedding album to make sure they are just ‘lucky shots’, as you need to be certain they will capture the day exactly how you want to remember it.

Wedding Photographer Dorset

Photo Credit: Warren Photography

Price does not always reflect quality
Choosing a photographer based on the price value could lead to some disappointing photos, and that goes for any price bracket! Look at the quality of photographs in the portfolio before the £ sign, as the photographers should tick the boxes visually, then you can narrow down to fit the budget. Although, don’t scrimp on this part of the budget as photography is often overlooked; these photos are the lasting memories of your day, don’t be left disappointed by a cheaper photographer who didn’t capture the emotion of the day, or missed all the important moments.

A professional photographer will have honed their style, use the best kit and put in the time and effort to make sure your wedding photos are impeccable – this will also mean all the hours post-wedding in the editing suit!

Don’t be tempted by offers of family or friends to photograph your day, as #selfies on an iPhone won’t be the lasting images you will cherish forever! Relying on a guest is a big responsibility they will have to take on, as there isn’t time for joining in the festivities when the whole day needs documenting. Also, a professional photographer will have invested in the best equipment to create a magical moment for all the photos – Uncle Tom will not have!

Wedding Photography UK

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Become new BFF’s (Best friends forever!)
Every wedding is unique so spending some time with the photographer before the wedding, preferably at the venue, showing particular places you want photos, or sharing ideas, as both parties may have interesting creative input. Consult the photographer before the day, set aside time, as there may be a lot of family/change of scenes to get through. If there is something in particular you’re concerned about in the photos – let them know, because they can work around this; a bride-to-be I know has told the photographer if he catches any shots with a double chin, burn it!
Getting to know them (hence BFF) as you will want to be comfortable around the photographer on the day, so the photos are relaxed, fun and you can let the emotions run freely. They will be with you all day long, so you need to feel that ‘click’ with them!

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

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Wet weather plans!
Sadly the UK is known for its rainy days, and even the sunny, sunny south west doesn’t escape that – so it is always advised to have a wet weather plan, as failing to prepare, is preparing to fail – and no one wants to miss out on photo opportunities! In your consultation with the photographer, have a Plan B for all the photos, just in case.

All the photographers want to make these timeless memories as special and as perfect as they can, so be open, honest and trust your chosen photographer – because then you can relax, enjoy a glass (or few) of bubbly and know you’re in good hands.

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