What makes a bride wise?

In all likelihood, this is the first (and hopefully only) wedding you’ve planned. You know what you want for your big day, but now comes the job of finding the right suppliers to help you make it happen. Most of the time, you get a gut feeling about a person – you may meet a supplier at a wedding fair, have a chat, look over their wares and decide to book them. But how do you now that they’ll deliver what you want?

Sadly, there are companies out there who are not afraid to let brides down, and with no real protection offered, you can stand to lose money. Which is why Wise Bride was created – as a site with real reviews, we allow any past bride to post their experience of a company, and although so far we only really hear glowing reviews, brides who have had a bad experience are also able to share this. We thoroughly investigate the situation, but if a company is found lacking, the review is posted – we believe in giving full information.

We’re yet to have to do this, but we want brides to know that our reviews are real and factual – so making a decision about using a supplier is made easier, and you are safe in the knowledge that you are a wise bride!Beautiful Wedding Marquee in Dorset

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