How to plan your last minute wedding

If time is of the essence, where do you start with the planning? Getting a wedding planning with months to spare is hard enough, but what’s the protocol if you have just weeks to pull it all together? Our guide to planning a wedding in weeks should help you get it done without breaking a sweat…

ONE Location, location, location If you’re planning on a spring or summer wedding, you’re likely to have to be flexible on either date or venue, if not both. Research venues and make a list of those that you prefer, start with your top choice and work your way down. If you go for a mid-week wedding, you’re not only likely to secure your venue, you may even get a discounted rate!

TWO Food Glorious Food Assuming that a last minute wedding means that you have less time to save, and therefore a lower budget there are ways of feeding a lot of people for less money. Afternoon teas are not only easy to cater for a variety of diets and tastes, but also still the trend for more informal weddings. You could even host a cake competition amongst your guests by asking them to bring a cake with them and you and your beloved judging – much fun and dessert sorted!

THREE Dress to impress Ah, the dress. Arguably the most important thing on the list (well, for the bride anyway!) Given your short time frame, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a bespoke gown. No worries though, because many shops have dresses that can be bought off the rack. Some dresses have to be ordered and that can take weeks, so if you’re in a bind, there are places you can go to that will allow you to walk away with a dress there and then. Bridal Reloved in Dorchester has helped many a bride with this problem; “We often have brides with 3-6 months to go. We work very closely with accommodating, flexible and talented seamstresses who at the end of the day in my opinion are quite possibly the most important link in this process.” You can literally walk out the door with the dress you want, as each one is pre-loved. Well worth thinking about if time isn’t on your side…

FOUR Everything is coming up roses The bouquet is one of the most traditional finishing touches, but it’s a bit of a minefield if you don’t know your gipsyphilia from your geraniums. Local expert, Lauren Curry from Concept Flowers has some advice; “Have a clear idea on your requirements, and be honest about your budget (if you know it) and be decisive, stick with those, a couple of weeks doesn’t leave a lot of time for fine tuning when it comes to details. Be open to suggestions and don’t get stuck or fixated on a colour scheme, you can use tints, tones and variations of the predominant colour/colours you have chosen for the wedding, and use flowers which have the best seasonal availability, this can also be more friendly on the budget expectations.”

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