Grooming the groomsmen

The girls make a day of it – Why not the boys? When it comes to the big day, instead of twiddling your thumbs all morning, why not treat your groomsmen to a sharpening up session as well? Make a morning of it!

Groomsmen: How to prepare yourself for the big day (and night):

A wet shave at home with a visit from a traditional barber will get you and the groomsmen looking dapper for the day. The ladies get the hair and make-up treatment. It’s only fair you boys get something done so you’re feeling particularly smart on the day.

Treat yourself and the boys to some special occasion beers – only one or two of course.

Nibbles and canapés? Man them up with some miniature burgers and beer shots to settle any nervous stomachs. This is an alternative to the type of champagne breakfast the girls have.

This might be the right time to give your groomsmen a small token of your appreciation. How about a ‘Broquet’? A fun basket like bundle of man gifts like drinks, cufflinks, trinkets and gimmicks – maybe something meaningful as well.


  1. Great ideas … helping make the groomsmen feel a much more part of the day!
    Would be interesting to learn of the range of ‘Token of appreciation’ would be!!

    • A little gift to say thank you for standing by my side – could be anything you think they’d like! 🙂


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